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    Haider Spine Center (HSC) is committed to quality and excellence in the area of spinal recovery. The physicians and physical therapist have designed a unique and comprehensive program customized to each individual patient.
    HSC provides patients with an 8000 square foot rehabilitation facility, including an expansive “state of the art” fitness and exercise area, indoor heated therapeutic pool and sizeable whirlpool spa, which enable the therapist to optimize the patient’s performance and progression to land therapy.
    - Multidisciplinary approach to physical rehabilitation of patient, including aquatic and land based therapy programs, acupuncture, chiropractic and disability management.
    - Evaluation and treatment of orthopedic, industrial and sports related injuries utilizing exercise, modalities and manual therapy as indicated
    - Skilled experienced physical therapists designing and implementing treatment programs tailored to individual needs.
    - Specialize in the rehabilitation of high school and collegiate athletes to expedite rapid return to sports.
    - Full use of the health club facility while rehabilitating injury.
    - Smooth transition from a supervised physical therapy program to an independent exercise program the patient can continue at his or her own gym.
    - Return to work and functional restoration programs.
    - Specialize in aquatic program geared towards treatment of geriatric and arthritic disorders.
    Injury prevention programs.
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    - General Orthopedics
    - Pre and Post Op spine
    - Chronic Orthopedic Conditions
    - Acute injuries
    - Industrial related injuries
    - Repetitive soft tissue injuries
    - Chronic pain conditions
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    - Aquatic therapy program
    - Strengthening and endurance training programs
    - Post-rehabilitation membership program
    Membership program: This program is for the patient that has achieved the benefits from active therapy intervention and training. The program is to enhance the patients current fitness level by maintaining trunk stabilization and prevention of loss of gains achieved during their physical therapy treatments.
    - Utilization monitoring
    - Supervision by professionals familiar with their progression
    - Effective modifications and advances of their training program
    - Access to therapeutic modalities (as needed)
    - Reduces cost to insurance carrier, while allowing patient recover