I would like to thank the entire team of Dr. Cramer for helping me through my very difficult time. Their patience and knowledge was truly a blessing. I really wish I could give back to Dr. Cramer and his staff. I hope they accept my most sincere and humble thanks
From the minute you walk in the door, you can feel their professionalism. When you check in, always a nice demeanor to the very nice nurses that escort you to the exam room for the doctor visit. Dr. Cramer is incredible and has such a professional and caring demeanor. Since my surgery in September, I feel like a new person. Thanks to all of you so very much.
A year ago, I was falling several times a week, unable to sleep due to pain and could barely lift a coffee cup because of pain in my back and getting worse all the time. Dr. Cramer wasn't the first doctor I saw but he was the one who was best able to explain to me what he would do and how it would help. The surgery was more extensive than anticipated because my back was deteriorating so quickly. I had a day long surgery with approaches from the front and back, four fusions and placement of hardware. Of course there was a long recovery but as I approach the first anniversary of the surgery, I can honestly say I have no pain, stumbling or falling and I am slightly less flexible than before. Based on my experience, I highly recommend Dr. Cramer as a spine surgeon.
My experience at Haider Spine Center has made all the difference in the quality of my day to day mobility. Dr. Cramer's evaluation of my back and the procedure that followed has given me a new lease on life. Many thanks!
Everything runs very smoothly from the first appointment to the last-pre-op was a breeze at the hospital because of the patient packet provided-all questions adn concerns were dealt with quickly and professionally. Hopefully, I won't return but if the need arises, I wouldn't hesitate at all to return to Haider Spine Center. Thanks to all involved on my case.
“I came in to see Dr. Haider unable to walk and now I am able to walk on my own with no assistance. I think Dr. Haider is a great doctor. He cares about his patients. Dr. Haider knows what he’s doing, and I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for him.”
“The HSC has been of most benefit to me because of my recovery from surgery and re-strengthening muscles. I really like the cleanliness of your office and the staff.”
“I definitely would recommend HSC, it was a great experience. The procedure Dr. Haider did was phenomenal; I came out of the procedure able to move around within a few days.”
“I’ve had fantastic results with the disc replacement, I’ve gone through arthroscopic surgery and injections. My experience has been great. I would definitely recommend HSC and already have to a couple of people.”
“HSC helped me get rid of the problem I had. I really like all the staff. I would recommend HSC very highly and already did to several people.